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Our Widden Curriculum was originally developed over the year before launch in September 2014.
For 2016-2017 we are further developing in order to better provide for our children's needs, particularly by introducing more outdoor learning and experiences to support the curriculum rationale.

The rationale is to provide cohesive, interesting learning that inspires children to achieve the school vision of ‘Opening doors to exciting learning, the wider world and a fulfilled future.’ All decisions about areas of study are constantly scrutinised using our FREE values (Friendship, Respect, Excellence & Equality) to underpin all that we do and take into account the diversity of our community.


 Our exciting curriculum provides a broad and balanced learning experience - covering all the skills contained in the National Curriculum over the year. These are woven together into topics so that children can really immerse themselves in learning that is purposeful, meaningful and rewarding. For example in term 1 Year 5 went to a restaurant and made their own lunch, Year 4 learnt about Charlotte's Web through visiting the local city farm and experiencing a live performance of the story and Year 3 found pieces of The Iron Man on the school field.


In assemblies and FREE lessons the children are encouraged to explore their own values, the school's FREE values, British Values and what these mean in our diverse and vibrant school.


As our curriculum continues to develop over the year you will find more information about the level of creativity in the classroom and the inspiration of our learners. In the meantime please feel free to find out more by looking at the class pages in the Children's Section of our website or following the link to our Facebook page.