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FREE Council

F.R.E.E. Council

Our F.R.E.E. council consists of 1 representative from each class in years 1-5, the 10 house captains from year 6 and Miss Innes.


The children are listed in the document below, they make sure that anything their class wants discussed is brought to the meetings. The older children buddy up with the younger ones to make sure that eveyone is able to have their say.


We meet on the first Friday of every term



How we manage our meetings is in the protocol below

FREE council members from September 2016

House Captains from September 2016

Meeting - 9th September 2016

The house captains buddyed up with the younger children to support them in their role over the year.

Zaina was chosen as Chair and Lila as secretary.

Meeting 16th September 2016

FREE council discussed

  • The use of playground equipment and requested more
  • A request for an improved garden areas
  • For the house captains to run the FREE room at break time
  • What the council can do to improve 'Friendship' at play times


The FREE councillors agreed to go back to their classes and ask what else they should be bringing to the next meeting.

Meeting 4th November 2016

Mrs Doyle attended the meeting to listen to the ideas for improving the playground.

The FREE council told her the following ideas:

  • Friendship stops
  • More playmakers for the infant playground
  • Peer mentors for the junior playground
  • More things to play with, including: climbing wall, toys, trampoline and sports equipment


The FREE council also asked for the following to be improved:

  • Toilets
  • Music in assemblies
  • Fair use of Gregory Bear!