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Maths Makes Sense

Maths Makes Sense


Learning maths is like learning a new language and it needs continuous repetition to help children to learn it and remember it.

Maths Makes Sense is a new learning system that has been implemented at Widden. It uses concrete objects, exaggerated actions and special vocabulary to teach children the big ideas in maths. It uses rotation to ensure learning is revisited on a weekly basis each term. All children are able to actively participate throughout the lesson and develop skills in teaching each other because if a child can teach a concept to another child then they fully understand it themselves. Maths Makes Sense has a proven record of ensuring children make amazing progress and promotes passionate, confident learners.

All teaching staff have attended a two-day training programme to ensure that there is nothing but high quality teaching of maths at Widden. Teachers are really enjoying teaching Maths Makes Sense and the supportive materials are enabling them to enthuse new children into grasping new concepts.


At Widden we strive to ensure that every child can achieve in Maths.  We do this by effective planning and implementation of lessons which cater for children who need extra support as well as those who have a greater depth of understanding of the curriculum.

This link will show you what it's all about

Meet Cupman - he helps the children learn maths. 



At Widden we have our own Cupman who makes regular appearances to motivate and excite children. He loves what we are doing and jumps and dances when he sees children doing brilliant maths.