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Parental Engagement

Our Commitment to Parental Engagement
Our Parental Engagement Partners
Welcome to Widden!
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How we help parents at Widden to support their children's learning.
How we support our parents to develop their own learning.
How we encourage parents and children to enjoy learning together.
How we welcome new families to Widden.
How we keep parents and carers up to date with their children's learning and progress.
Parent-friendly school policies.
How we support our parents and children when they leave Widden.

Did you know...?

We are constantly working to provide the best experience of school for you and your child.

You can find out here what we are doing in response to your comments.

Please use the link below to complete our 'Parent View' questionnaire or even better, come along to the activities that we arrange in school and let us know what you think.