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Year 1


Term 2

Food Glorious Food!


Where does our food come from?


This term we will be learning about different foods from all over the world. The children will have lots of opportunities to taste different foods. They will also become chefs and will learn different recipes to make a variety of food ready for a delicious banquet in week 5.



In literacy the children will be learning the story 'The Giant Jam Sandwich' by John Vernon Lord.


Term 1

The Enchanted Woodland


If you go down to the woods today what would you find?


This term the children will be learning all about woodland environments and comparing them to cities and towns. In science children will be learning to recognise different types of trees. They will also be exploring and comparing different woodland animals.



In literacy the children will be learning the story 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. 




We were visited by a real life owl. It was very exciting watching it fly around the school hall! Some children created their own owl creatures using different textiles.





In art the children have been making tree Boggarts out of clay.