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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!






Hello and welcome (or welcome back) to year 6. Your teachers this year are Mr. Doyle and Mrs. Beevers.


Mr. Doyle - 6D


Mrs. Beevers - 6B


The other adults working in year 6 are: Mrs. Lingwood, Mr. Ryder, Mrs. Malek, Miss. Brightmore and Miss. Patel.


If you need anything or would like to talk about something please come and speak with us.


The year 6 team

This term we are learning about 

The Zoo

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Picture 2
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Picture 6
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Picture 9

We will be exploring the Zoo!


Our topic this term is predominantly science based and is focusing on the evolution of animals and how they have adapted to survive in their respective biomes.


We will be studying the scientists who have made some important discoveries in this area. We will be exploring their ideas and using them to create an independent research project which we will present to our peers.


Which animals will you choose to study?



Each week the children will receive a slip from their teachers explaining which tasks or spellings need to be completed/ learned.


In term 4 the children will receive a weekly piece of work in both literacy and mathematics. This may sometimes take the form of a previous of practice SATs paper. As we move closer to the KS2 exams the children will increasingly be asked to complete specific pages of the CGP revision guides which the school has provided for them.


Occasionally, some children may also receive additional homework tasks or the teacher may wish to set homework in other others related to the creative curriculum.


If you have any questions regarding homework then please feel free to speak to a member of the year 6 team.