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Types of Homework

We set a variety of homework activities. In the Foundation Stage and at Key Stage 1 we encourage the children to read by giving them books to take home to read with their parents. Reading at home is part of our RED bus scheme where children are rewarded for frequency of reading at home and school. We also ask children to learn spellings or phonics sounds and work on their number skills including times tables from Year 2 onwards.


 In Key Stage 2 we continue to give children the sort of homework activities outlined above but we also expect them to do more tasks independently including sustained reading of as wide a variety of reading material as possible. Children are given regular maths and English work to do at home that supports the work being done in the class.


Amount of Homework

We increase the amount of homework that we give the children as they move through the school. We expect Key Stage 1 children to spend approximately one hour a week doing homework. We expect children in years 3 and 4 to spend approximately 15–20 minutes per night on homework and children in years 5 and 6 to spend approximately 20-30 minutes per night. This is in line with government guidelines.

Whilst this is a guide the time can be amalgamated so that all the work is done over 2 days and reading activities are considered to be part of this time.

Great Widden Homework

Year 5 homemade space rocket