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Widden Primary School


At Widden our aim is to give all children a sense of place – both where they live and in the wider world and expand their geographical vocabulary. They develop a deep understanding about what our local area has to offer and compare and contrast that to places in the rest of the UK, Europe and beyond. We aim to inspire curiosity and interest about the world. Our geography curriculum reflects the diversity of our school, ensuring our children learn about a variety of places, people, resources and natural and human environments.

Children are provided with opportunities to investigate and make enquiries about their local area so that they can develop of real sense of what makes our local area unique and special. Children develop their ability to apply geographical skills to enable to confidently communicate their findings and geographical understanding to a range of audiences.

Reception children made collage maps and found out which animals lived on land and which lived in the ocean.

Year 3 Field Trip to London to look at Famous Landmarks.

Year 6 have been investigating all the places where water comes from.