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Widden Primary School


At Widden Primary School, we aim for children to gain a firm understanding of what Music is through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing, and composing across a wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions, and musical genres. We use the Charanga Music Scheme throughout the school and we are committed to developing a curiosity for the subject, as well as an understanding and acceptance and importance of all types of Music. We aim to provide children with the opportunity to progress to the next level of their individual musical skills.

All children have the opportunity to sing and learn an instrument. We currently offer instrumental lessons with peripatetic teachers using Brass instruments. In addition to this, the glockenspiel is taught to all pupils and children participate in key stage singing assemblies.

weekly singing assemblies.

Attending Young Voices 2023

Whole Class Brass Tuition in KS2

Learning how to play the Glockenspiels in Music

More detail can be found on our subject curriculum maps: