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School Development Plan

We are working hard to make sure that this school is regarded as a good school by children, parents, the wider community and finally government inspectors. The Headteacher, senior leaders, governors draw up an annual development plan based on :

  • the views of all stakeholders (pupils. parents and the wider community)
  • analysis of progress by the children in the school and those who have recently moved on to secondary school
  • analysis by senior leaders  of the strengths and areas for development in the quality of teaching across the school
  • recommendations from our latest Ofsted report (2018)
  • latest guidance from Ofsted on what they are looking for in a good school


The attached document summarises the main priorities we  have identified for the current year.


In addition to this plan, that is regularly reviewed, updated by senior leaders and scrutinised by govenors, we also have plans for important aspects like maths which we judge to be at least good already so need a lighter touch in terms of scrutiny and ones for the subjects of the wider curriculum. 

The attached document shows the organisation and accountability structures for the different levels of plan.