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School Re-opening Guidance

Dear Parents

We are making plans to start re-opening the school in June but we know that we need to do this very slowly and carefully to reduce the risk of infecting children, staff and parents.  Please take note of the following

  • The earliest we could re-open is in the week beginning 1st June but, on government advice, this will probably be only for Reception children.
  • Parents will not be fined if they decide to keep children at home if they continue to feel that this is the safest option
  • Children who are not in school will continue to be given work to do at home and staff will continue to stay in touch to help and support.
  • Children are not going to be coming in full time any time in the near future, depending on the scientific evidence about the effect of the limited return to school.
  • Children will be taught in small groups by teachers, not necessarily their class teacher.
  • All classes will be split into small groups and will attend for 1 day only to start with.
  • The groups will be based on children from a class but the children will not be able to mix with other groups, even from their own class.
  • We cannot guarantee that we can maintain social distancing: we will take lots of steps to reduce risks to children and staff but we know that children will not maintain distances and that school buildings are not built to enable social distancing
  • Children will not be able to access most of the play based equipment in school because it is too hard to keep clear of possible contamination.

All other year groups will be re-admitted, if all is well, in the weeks that follow so that all the children will have the chance to attend school again before the summer break.  However we cannot guarantee that this will happen as it will depend on rates of infection.

We will continue to provide daycare for the children of keyworkers where this is required.

We are desperate to see all of the children back in school but we have to be very cautious to make sure that we keep everyone in our community safe and well.


Yours sincerely


Mr Cooper