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We are pleased to welcome you and your child to Widden Primary School.  This is a very special school that opens its doors to children from many different homes, families and cultural backgrounds and treats them all with equal respect and value. Our successes in these areas have been recognised both locally and nationally.  Ofsted reported in October 2012 that, "the school is a beacon for multicultural harmony in the city..." 

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We have been awarded School of Sanctuary Status in recognition of  our work with asylum seekers and refugees which we were proud to receive.  To find out more click here:
We are situated in the heart of the city of Gloucester in purpose built school buildings that were opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1986. We are a community school built by Gloucestershire Local Education Authority to provide an inclusive education for all 2-11 year olds in our local catchment area. To help us achieve this we have additional allocations of money that allows us to employ additional teachers and classroom assistants to support the learning of children from minority ethnic backgrounds, those with special educational needs and those with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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We offer a number of services that support children and families above and beyond the central role of a school that include both a Breakfast club and After School Care, the nursery, stay and play and language lessons for parents, a daily Healthy Tuck Shop for junior children, street football and drama for boys and girls.  We organise all of these activities through our Widden Plus enterprise. To find out more please click here:

We put a lot of effort in to listening to and helping our parents and carers and received an award for this in 2019 called the Leading Parents Partnership Award and you can find out more click here:

We also identify children who are Highly Able and Talented in one or more area of learning and work to identify activities and programmes to encourage these children to maximise their potential.
A key part of this, and a great favourite with the children, are our Widden Workshops on a Friday when we give the children a very wide choice of sporting, academic and creative activities to choose from to develop their range of skills and talents.  For more information please click here:
We are a part of the Gloucester Schools' Partnership that is dedicated to helping raise achievement by all pupils in the inner city area through a partnership between local schools.  Please click here:


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