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Widden Ethnic Minority Achievement Service
Staff at Widden Primary School gain vast experience of supporting children who have English as an Additional Language (EAL); in January 2020, approximately 295 of our pupils (72%) were reported as mostly speaking another language at home. Approximately 50% of these children have come to this school speaking little or no English within the last 2 years.
With this experience across the whole primary range we feel that we can offer practical first hand coaching and advice to colleagues in other schools who may be concerned about how best to integrate new arrivals in to their classes, through phone support, one to one sessions and a locality based training programme.
Our service offers to:
  • help EAL pupils reach age related expectations
  • enable newly arrived children to access the curriculum
  • help advanced bilingual children make significant progress
  • increase speaking and listening activities in the classroom
  • boost bilingual children's confidence
  • reduce behavioural issues caused by non participation in classes
  • provide practical ideas teachers can use to support EAL children in their class
Details about the different parts of our service are explained in more depth if you click on the links below.