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Year 1

Dear Parents

We are making plans that MIGHT allow us to start re-opening the school for at least some of the children in June.  The government has asked us to consider opening for the Year 1 children first but parents and children need to be aware of the following:

  • The earliest we could re-open is on Monday 15th June providing that the slowing down of infection rates continues. 
  • We will confirm the date of opening on the 12th June.
  • Parents will not be fined if they decide to keep children at home if they continue to feel that this is the safest option
  • Children who are not in school will continue to be given work to do at home and staff will continue to stay in touch to help and support.
  • Your Year 1 child will be able to attend school on two day each week to start with and they will be given a school dinner during this time.
  • Children will be taught in small groups by teachers, not necessarily their class teacher.
  • The groups will be based on children from a class but the children will not be able to mix with other groups, even from their own class.
  • We cannot guarantee that we can maintain social distancing: we will take lots of steps to reduce risks to children and staff but we know that children will not maintain distances and that school buildings are not built to enable social distancing
  • Children will not be able to access most of the play based equipment in school because it is too hard to keep clear of possible contamination.

We know that many of you and your children are missing school and want to come back but we are very concerned that if we rush children back in to school in large numbers we will be risking the health of everyone in our school community.

Mrs Cameron, Miss Wills and Miss Cooke  will try to ring you at home this week to discuss this further and get a better idea of how many of you want to keep your children away from school at this  stage.